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Kuroko Tetsuya, 4 years old, is now going to Teikou Kindergarten where he meets some new and eccentric friends. Enlisting the help of an old friend of the victim, the two will have to navigate through the world of Japan's small but tight knit basketball community. -Nine Shots- Aka Furi, Ka Ku, Ao Ki, Mi Ta, Mu Hi Epilog UP! In which Kuroko won a door prize, Kagami had cooking skill, Aomine got a guidebook, Midorima gave a mobile GPS, Kise bought outdoor gears, Murasakibara brought snacks, and Akashi rented a car. And a secret that Kuroko kept hiding was revealed, thanks to a certain ex-captain of Teiko and current captain of Rakuzan High. This was based on their second year high school and in summer too. Everyone always has their own view on Kise, whether it's the copy cat of the Generation of Miracles, the famous model or the student.